Inside The First-Ever EDM Drive-In Music Festival Experience


As we salvage summer in this post-quarantine yet still socially distant world we’re living in, we’ve enlisted the help of some incredible Austin movers and shakers to bring you the best of what’s happening this summer in the ATX. Every Monday, we’re presenting Music Mondays with Clarissa Cardenas, aka “ATX Concert Queen.” This week, she’s taking you to a drive-in EDM festival!

This past weekend, I attended the first-ever EDM drive-in music festival in San Antonio. The EDM Drive-In was the first in the state and the first of this production size in the WORLD! However, this concept was initially introduced by a German nightclub back in May. They created the drive-in concept with about 500 cars featuring local talent in Berlin. The team behind this EDM Drive-In, Electric Fiesta, built off that concept to create an experiential festival for all attendees.

First off, a little bit about the gang behind Electric Fiesta!

Miguel “Migs” Lizarraga, (Brand Director & Head of Media/ Marketing for Electric Fiesta) is a San Diego native and Media Director for Groove Cruise who has toured with Dash Berlin and all over Asia for various festivals and concerts. In this venture, he’s joined by Sid Zuber (Operations/ Production/ Logistics Specialist) who worked with Goldenvoice/ Coachella for over 13 years and has designed numerous touring gigs throughout the decades. Last but not least, Fred Reyes (President) is the CEO and Founder of SiteB Data and a former member of the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. This trio comprises Electric Fiesta who created a memorable event that I can confidently say I would DEFINITELY recommend to anyone wanting their music fix during these social distancing times.

Planning a music festival is no easy feat, let alone doing so during a global pandemic. And the EDM Drive-In was thrown another curveball hours before their event when Governor Abbott issued a new order at noon on Friday, June 26 – just hours before the event was to take place. However, with the safety measures and extensive security and regulations already in place for the festival, this only amplified the EDM Drive-In’s safety protocols and enforcement.

Safety Rules:

  1. No mask, no entry, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. Limit of six people per car. Any larger parties gathering would be asked to leave immediately with no refunds
  3. Car park zones would be clearly marked and everyone was to stay with the group they came with and dance in their zones
  4. Bathrooms would be regularly sanitized and people must be wearing masks at all times

With these safety measures in place, I felt comfortable to drive to San Antonio and check it out. But like many, I was nervous about others obeying the rules so I was overly-cautious in that regard.

Here’s What Went Down at the EDM Drive-In

Arriving at Freeman Coliseum, cars were checked-in and greeted with goodies from EDM Drive-In sponsors, as well as local DJ talent and art installation/ photo ops you would normally have at any other music festival. All from the comfort of your own car and with your own squad.

You were then directed to your own spot and spaced out accordingly. Next, guests were directed to tune in to a specific station on the radio and watch one of the large LED screens placed all around the parking lot to see the show.

I was fortunate to have backstage access so was able to see behind-the-scenes of the EDM Drive-In, which was kept mainly to staff and performers. From start to finish, Electric Fiesta had thought of every possible circumstance that could arise, from car batteries dying to potentially intoxicated drivers. In these cases, they had utility trucks driving around to give jumps to whoever needed them. Ubers were available to any driver who needed one, with their cars being safely kept overnight for next-day retrieval. 

After Austin residents and main headliner Tritonal finished their one and a half hour set, the entire experience was topped off with an incredible fireworks show. I observed the crowd and after speaking to staff was told they hadn’t experienced any eccentric behavior and people were obeying the rules enforced by on-site security. 

I was beyond impressed with the entire team at Electric Fiesta for putting together such an incredible event under the circumstances and I didn’t know how much I needed the EDM Drive-In event till it was over. I’m so glad I was able to get my music festival fix in a safe and controlled way. Next time, you should be there too!

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All photos by ATX Concert Queen.