Jaws On The Water Is Back and It’s A Jawesome Experience!


If you’ve never been to Jaws On The Water, now is the time. We promise, it IS safe to go in the water.

Want to experience it for free? Head over to the Free Fun in Austin Instagram account. We’re giving away free tickets all summer long!

Here are some pro tips to know before you go see Jaws On The Water!

  • Doors open at 5 p.m., so you can maximize your evening. Food is only served until 8:30 p.m. so eat early!
  • You can access Volente Beach before the show, including rides and pools. There are also two bars with a specialty drink, Deep Eddy pouches and more – though they do sell out of items rather early so be aware. 
  • You have to bring your own float. I recommend one with a bottom and head rest. You’re in that tube for quite a while. Plus, you’ll have to get out if you need to pee or want drinks and aren’t near the bars so plan accordingly. 
  • Speaking of bars, you can purchase bands that are good for drinks while in the water but servers don’t come into the water so you will need to get to them to claim your drinks. 
  • There is a cordoned off zone for tubes so you’re packed in but that helps bc your tube moves and spins otherwise. It’s also a good idea to have some way to keep your group together. 
  • The movie starts just before 9 so know that you won’t be home until about midnight. 
  • There are lockers you can rent but they are at the entrance. We left our clothes and shoes on the beach and took a waterproof bag for other items and one of those waterproof pouches you wear around your neck for phones (also handy for floating the river). 

A few other things to note:

  • No unaccompanied minors under 17. All children 12 & under are required to wear a life jacket while in the water. Ages 6 & under are not allowed in water or at water park.
  • Parking is available on site, for $10 per car day-of, or $7 per car pre-sale. Parking is LIMITED, so please plan accordingly!
  • No pets are allowed inside the park.
  • Pre-sale tickets run $45.00 plus a $4.37 fee and $4.07 sales tax.

Tickets are available for purchase for every Saturday through August 21. They do sell out so make your plans soon!

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