The Ultimate Guide For The Best Austin Bathrooms to Snap Your Next Selfie


Public restrooms typically get a bad rap. But now that bathroom selfies have became so very popular, so have public restrooms. In addition to the photo op, it’s the perfect spot to hide from awkward dates, unwanted proposals, or if you simply need a minute to yourself. Oh, and sometimes you really do need to, you know, use the restroom. Plus, I think we can all agree that most public restrooms have the best lighting! It’s safe to say social media has reversed the negative connotations that used to come with the words ‘public restroom’.

These days having an aesthetically pleasing bathroom to look at while you sing “happy birthday’ to yourself (twice!) as you wash your hands is just an added bonus.

Here are the best Austin bathrooms snap a selfie!

Revival Coffee | 1405 East 7th Street

If you thought Revival was cute on the outside, you haven’t seen anything yet! Upon opening the door to the bathroom at Revival, you’re met with neon and marijuana leaf wall paper. It’s a single restroom, so you can grab that selfie without judging eyes. But don’t take too long, your coffee will get cold!

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Broken Spoke |  3201 South Lamar Boulevard

There are many reasons to pay a visit to George Strait’s honkey tonk hangout. You’ll find all kinds of pictures, tributes, and mementos to artists like Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, and George Strait in the Spoke’s museum, aka the “Tourist Trap.” But our favorite thing is the front bathroom that is covered with George Strait magazine pin-ups!

Commodore Perry Estate | 4100 Red River Street

Commodore Perry is an amazing property. Every room is perfectly designed, even the bathrooms. The floor to ceiling mirrors are a nice bonus if you’re trying to get in your OOTD! See more of the historic property here.

Honey Moon Spirit Lounge | 624 West 34th Street

This bathroom takes mirror selfies to the next level! In fact the entire place is picture perfect. When visiting the loo, don’t forget to look up. The ceiling is also covered in mirrors.

Home Slice Pizza | 501 East 53rd Street

Home Slice graffitied their bathroom walls so you didn’t have to. But the decor isn’t even the best part. We can’t speak to the men’s room, but the ladies room is stocked with dry shampoo, nail polish remover, tampons, mouthwash, mints, perfume, and more! Why can’t every women’s restroom be like this?

Austin Proper Hotel | 600 West 2nd Street

Talk about a beautiful bathroom. The colors are so rich yet fun. We especially love how they added a little bit of quirkiness with the dog portrait! We see many selfies in this bathroom’s future.

Kitty Cohen’s |  2211 Webberville Road

Kitty Cohen’s is an East Austin gem. While you may think the splash pool is the highlight, we recommend you visit the restroom. Covered in flamingos and featuring Burt Reynolds, you don’t want to miss this stylish spot!

Taquero Mucho | 508 West Avenue

“Alexa, play “Dancing Queen” by Abba.” Neon, pink, cherry coated and topped with a disco ball – Need we say more? It’s no surprise that Revival and Taquero Mucho are owned by the same person. She sure knows how to cultivate a picture perfect experience!

Bar Moxy | 2552 Guadalupe Street

This takes the term “good lighting” to the next level. Bonus points if you can figure out how to catch the light AND the monkey in your selfie!

Nickel City | 1133 East 11th Street

While we wish Homer graced the walls of the Nickel City bathroom at all times, sadly, that was a one time thing. In case you aren’t aware, Nickel City was once branded as Moe’s Tavern. However the bathroom tile remains and it makes for a pretty cool backdrop in pics.

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