Best Things to Do in Austin While Enjoying THC


While marijuana remains illegal in Texas, you can still enjoy the uplifting effects of cannabis with federally legal THC products that are made from hemp and available throughout Austin – which is great because there are so many things to do in this amazing state capital while enjoying cannabis! 

Between the incredible nightlife and delicious food, Austin is the perfect city for cannabis lovers. Here are just a few things you can enjoy in Austin and enhance with THC. 

1. Attend a Music Festival

Austin is known for its stellar music venues – but you don’t have to just enjoy music indoors! In fact, Austin hosts a wide range of music festivals throughout the year. 

Visiting Austin soon? Check out some of the city’s incredible music festivals, including 

Seismic Dance in May and Austin City Limits Music Festival in October. Enhance and elevate the music you hear by taking a legal THC edible beforehand. 

2. Go for a trek on the Greenbelt

Austin’s famous greenbelt has a number of beautiful treks that are absolutely enjoyable and the right amount of challenging. Take a THC gummy and enjoy all of the nature around you! Here’s a list of some interesting treks you can take in Austin: 

  • McKinney Falls State Park
  • Barton Creek Greenbelt
  • Pedernales Falls State Park
  • Mount Bonnell
  • Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve
  • River Place Nature Trail
  • St. Edwards Park
  • Enchanted Rock Tour
  • Turkey Creek Trail
  • Mayfield Nature Preserve
  • Emma Long Metropolitan Park
  • Lady Bird Lake
  • Sculpture Falls
  • Great Hills Neighborhood Park
  • Brushy Creek Regional Trail
  • Southern Walnut Creek Trail

3. Visit the Barton Springs Pool

The refreshing waters of Barton Springs feel absolutely heavenly year-round. The average temperature of the pool is usually 68-70 degrees Fahrenheit so it’s cooling in the summer and warm in the winter. 

Whether you want to sunbathe on the edge of the pool or swim laps, cannabis can enhance your fun making the water feel even more luxurious and you even more relaxed. 

4. Eat at an outdoor restaurant 

You ate a THC gummy and got the munchies? Fear not, Austin has tons of restaurants with delicious food. 

In fact, Austin restaurants don’t just have tasty food, they have incredible aesthetics. Specifically, the restaurants with outdoor dining. Here’s a list of some of Austin’s best outdoor dining restaurants.

  • Olive & June
  • Mozart’s Cafe
  • Sour Duck Market
  • Birdie’s
  • Camp East
  • Nixta Taqueria
  • Bar Peached
  • Better Half Coffee & Cocktails
  • Kalimotxo
  • Kitty Cohen’s
  • LoLo
  • Tamale House East
  • Kinda Tropical
  • Kemuri Tatsu-ya
  • Jacoby’s Restaurant & Mercantile
  • Perla’s Seafood and Oyster Bar
  • Lenoir
  • The Buzz Mill
  • Radio Coffee & Beer
  • Cosmic Coffee + Beer Garden
  • Ani’s Day & Night
  • The Little Darlin’

5. Enjoy Sunset on the Bat Bridge 

If you’re looking for a truly unique experience when you’re in Austin, you have to check out the Bat Bridge. Also known as Congress Avenue Bridge, its underside is home to over a million bats. 

During bat season, which lasts from mid-March to late August, the bats take flight around sunset each night. Eat a THC gummy 30 minutes before sunset to make the sight of a million bats launching into a pink and orange sky all the more astonishing. 

Cannabis and Austin 

Austin is the perfect city for people who love having fun while enjoying cannabis. Whether you’re visiting Austin or have lived there for years, these are some activities you have to try out!

Remember, even though you can’t buy marijuana in Austin, there are plenty of THC products you can legally order online. Purchase some today, and start your adventures in Austin!

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