This Simpsons Pop Up At An East Austin Bar Keeps Austin As Weird As Ever


The Simpsons are back in Austin this halloween. East Austin staple Nickel City has been transformed once again as Moe’s Tavern!

You’re not going to want to miss this year’s pop-up, which is happening through Halloween!

Moe’s Tavern/ Nickel City serves up drinks like Flaming Moe’s and Duff beer. Duh! Or should we say, DOH! The Flaming Moe’s is made with various rums, amaro Montenegro, and a syrup of sorts, all topped with a lime that is lit on fire!

The staff even gets into the theme. Honestly, there’s a bit of something for everyone from the drinks, food, decor, and games! Here’s a peak inside this year’s set up from our friend Tania Ortega.

You can find Nickel City at 1133 East 11th Street in Austin, Texas.

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