Everything You Need to Know About Shipe Park


We’re doing a deep dive into the best parks and green spaces in Austin. The city’s parks give you the perfect area to relax, play, picnic, and unplug for the afternoon! Plus, you can keep a safe distance from others!

Shipe Park is loved by the surrounding neighborhood of Hyde Park, and it’s easy to see why. The park is in the heart of the neighborhood and the perfect size for playing, exploring, picnicking, and even swimming! There’s even a log cabin style home on the property which is original to the park. When the park was first built in 1928, the cabin was used as a multipurpose area, even for parents to watch their children’s dance recitals. 

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Shipe Park got its name from Monroe Martin Shipe, founder of the park. Shipe began marketing the Hyde Park neighborhood as an attractive area to live away from the hustle and bustle that was, and still is, downtown Austin. 

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Here’s absolutely everything you need to know about Shipe Neighborhood Park!


The park is small, but mighty. This neighborhood park is a two-acre area that sits on the northern edge of Hyde Park in north Austin. 


Hyde Park is an ideal place to live if you prefer to be close to the city, but not in the middle of it all. The neighborhood features gorgeous tree-lined streets and a strong sense of community. For restaurants, coffee shops, and more in the neighborhood, check out A Guide to Life in Hyde Park.

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While there are not any trails specifically in Shipe Park, we recommend taking your walk or job to the streets throughout the neighborhood. With the homes built during the turn of the century, there’s tons of scenic properties and landscape to look at while getting your exercise in. 

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Shipe Park is very dog-friendly! Though there is not a closed in dog park, dogs of all shapes and sizes can be seen getting their exercise and play. 


We love Shipe Park for how kid-friendly it is. Not only does the park include a great playscape and swing set, there’s also a two foot deep wading pool that opens up in the summer. The pool is perfect for all ages and swimming levels, so everyone can cool if in the hot Texas summer heat. At the small pool there is a gorgeous mural designed and created by Austin artists Pacal Simon and Holli Brown. The mural features two trees with whimsical, colorful patterns and two shadows sitting below each tree. 

Green Space and Sports:

There’s a great area within the park for picnic that includes tables and benches so you can enjoy an afternoon lunch. Additionally, there a tons of great trees for shade to enjoy a picnic on the grass. 

If you’re looking to play and get some exercise, there are two tennis courts and one basketball court. All courts are open and free to the public.

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